FAQ is an acronym means “Frequently Asked Questions”. They are a series of answers to the most frequently asked questions by portal users.

Our FAQs help you find a quick answer on site features, quote or registration requests.

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1. Before booking

How can I book on your website?

You can book online taxi or minivan services or request a quote by entering the required data and information about the transfer, which can be individual or group.
To request a quote click here.

I can't find the transfer I would like to book. What can I do?

Contact us by entering your name and email address, indicating the destination you want to reach. You can use either the "request a quote" form or the simple contact form..
We will answer you as soon as possible.

Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

Yes, it is possible to define a route even with more than one stop. Use the quote form for this request by clicking here.

2. After booking

Where can I meet the driver when I arrive?

The driver, at your complete disposal, will wait at the exit of the airport or hotel where you are staying.
In any case, it will be possible to arrange a meeting place with the driver before your arrival.

The participants in my group have increased/decreased, can I choose another vehicle?

It is possible to cancel the reservation of a vehicle and choose another one with more or less seats.
We will do everything we can to meet your needs. Call us on: +39 340 85 35 344 or contact us here..

Is it possible to cancel a transfer?

Yes, you can cancel a booked service without paying any penalty by contacting us at least one day before.
Just call us on: +39 340 85 35 344 or contact us here..

3. Contact modules

Which contact form should I use for my request?

The following contact forms are available on Rotondotravel.com:

1. Contact us: with this form you can request any information about the functionality of the site or ask any other general question.

2. Request a quote: with this form you can request a personalized quote with for example several stops and specify all the necessary details for the reservation. On the homepage you will find the quick booking form that allows you to search for any listed destination.

4. Registration on Rotondotravel

What advantages do I get by registering on Rotondotravel?

By registering on our website you will have the possibility to view all the placed orders and to download or request the invoice in PDF format.

You can also at any time view your account details, update addresses or your personal bulletin board and change your password.

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